today in infoclick1 we r discussing on an important topic High electricity prices

high electricity prices could have more to do with the high wholesale price of gas than the renewable energy sector”Household and business consumers of electricity are now paying the price for this policy failure

“It seems that the decision to allow so much of the gas resources of eastern Australia to be exported was made without considering the likely effects on the electricity market,”

The launch of the National Energy Market in 1998 was followed by a rush of construction of gas turbine power stations in Queensland, NSW and Victoria and Tasmania,”So this is not a malfunction of the National Electricity Market, but precisely how it was expected to operate, when set up.

Lower your Energy Bills

we will show you several different courses of action you can take to save energy at home, reducing the impact of your energy consumption on both the environment and on your household spending reducing the impact of your energy consumption on both the environment and on your household spending.
Due to a range of different factors, many households are experiencing increasing difficulty to heat their homes. Paying the energy bills can often mean cutting back on other essential costs, such as food. This phenomenon of struggling to pay one’s energy bills, known as “Fuel Poverty”, has become more and more prominent in society in recent years, affecting almost 1 in 4 people in the UK, according to a YouGov survey.
we give you some simple and practical tips to help you reduce your heating, water and electricity consumption and expenditure. The first step to take to lower your energy bills and combat fuel poverty is to get rid of unnecessary energy consumption, or rather, the energy that is used to no benefit to you or your family, such as keeping devices on standby.


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