Today in infoclick1 we are discussing on criminal defense and appeals criminal justice system should not be taken lightly.  Failing to apply the necessary methods of defense to your case could result in serious consequences for the defendant. Rather than risk the stiff penalizes of a conviction, choose The Delmar Firm to defend you even against the toughest charges.

We focus on providing personalized Criminal Defense, cost-effective, business transaction and litigation services to our clients and Criminal Defense . With a primary focus on providing services to start-up, small, and mid-sized businesses, we are the first-choice for outside business counsel.

When you are up against the legal system, there is no better place to turn for the defense that you need.  Our team is committed to protecting your rights and defending your future.  We handle tough cases in Federal, State, and Juvenile courts including cases involving.

Violent Crimes.Murder. Theft/Armed Robbery. Fraud. Assault & Battery. Rape. Molestation. DomesticViolence.Illegal Possession of Weapons. Vehicular Manslaughter. Hate Crimes.Drug Related Crimes. DUI. Traffic Offenses .Juvenile Offenses.  Probation Revocation. Appeals.

Many issues landlords or tenants face are minor and can be easily resolved by common sense. Some issues, however, can seriously threaten the landlord’s ability to collect rent, and or the tenant’s quiet enjoyment of the property or worse, the tenant’s ability to stay in the property at all.  In these situations, hiring a lawyer, whether you are the landlord or the tenant, may be the most effective way to protect your rights..

Landords choose The Delamar Firm to help with the following matters:

  • Lease Agreements

  • Notice to Quit

  • Property Damage

Tenants, if you find yourself in one of the following situations, call The Delamar Firm to help if:

  • Your Landlord is Evicting You.

  • Your Landlord is Evicting You Without Proper Court Procedures.

  • Your Landlord Isn’t Fulfilling His Promises.

  • You’ve Been Injured or Made Ill.

  • Your Landlord Won’t Make Necessary Repairs.


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